BAGG's team of engineers, geologists, and technicians averages over 30 years of experience.  This team possesses a wide range of experience in geotechnical and environmental engineering.  Our geotechnical experience ranges from performance of engineering investigations for residential subdivisions, mid-rise buildings, landfill design, bridges and highway overpasses, railroad embankments, hospitals, educational facilities, multi-level parking facilities, hotels and motels, service stations, industrial and commercial buildings, seismic upgrade of existing facilities, roadways, forensic investigation, to landslide and fault investigations.  Our environmental experience includes phase I and II site assessments, groundwater monitoring, and remediation.  

BAGG's field staff have had the opportunity to perform field observation/testing services for the projects described above, and additionally perform routine compaction testing and observation during installation of drilled piers, driven piles, tank removals, shallow foundations, ground improvement, reinforced earth slopes, earth retaining structures and tie- back walls, soldier piles, soil-nail walls, landslide and slope repairs, stabilization of railroad subgrades, landfill construction, roadway construction and improvement, golf courses and recreational facilities, environmental screening, contamination studies and testing, etc.  BAGG's field personnel are highly experienced professionals capable of working with clients and contractors to resolve construction difficulties and proficient in identifying field conditions that do not match those found by the investigations or those anticipated.

BAGG's quality control programs are routinely used in the review of proposals, reports, and subsurface exploration services.  BAGG is a member of GBA (Geoprofessional Business Association) and as a part of QA/OC measures, utilizes the model programs and forms published by BGA.


"My job is to go out and make friends and establish relationships; I love to educate and teach people about our new wonderful lab! If there's some way we can help them down the road in one of their projects, great!"

BAGG's 30th Anniversary Party

"I never expected to stay here this long, but after 8 years I know why I'm still with BAGG; it's the people. It's not the work that I do, it's WHO I work with; these guys are great!"

"It's BAGG's people that make the difference"

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