Yes, we're experienced engineers and technicians, but we're more than that, we're PEOPLE.

If there is one thing that stands out about BAGG, it's that we put people first.  The founders believe that BAGG's employees are its most important resource.  With our people comes a wealth of experience, common sense, and most importantly, integrity.  Without our employees we wouldn't be the successful corporation we are today. 

BAGG's business philosophy stresses client satisfaction as the natural consequence of effective planning, efficient management, and an orientation toward service.  BAGG's formal mission statement is as follows:

It is BAGG's purpose and mission to provide quality geotechnical, engineering geology, construction observation, and environmental engineering services.  Our services are distinguished by a careful match of work scope to client needs, producing engineering solutions that balance cost and risk in a practical manner.

In the following pages you'll learn that we are a qualified company specializing in geotechnical (soils) engineering, environmental studies, geologic investigations, construction monitoring and testing.  We will stand beside you from your initial stages of concepts and plans, through site grading, installing underground utilities and foundations, and installation of concrete and steel members.  Please do click around to find out more about us.

After 30 years in business, BAGG is proud to announce that we are continuing to grow and expand. We have new offices in San Jose, California, our own, certified, in house lab for testing soil, concrete and steel, and our staff of friendly, knowledgeable people to provide prompt, reliable service!